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Faith Matters Blog

A weekly blog of the leadership of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax. Posts below by Shannon E. Williams.

Say What? – July 29, 2019
Breaking Toward Wholeness – April 8, 2019
Small Acts of Tremendous Spirit – February 18, 2019
Opening the Way to Connection – December 31, 2018
Congregational Treasure: Barb Dutchak – May 21, 2018
The Reach of Our Light – April 30, 2018
Season of Light – December 18, 2017
Welcoming September – September 18, 2017

PhD Student Advising Articles

Graduate student success requires more than strong academic performance. As Director of PhD Student Services for the Schar School of Policy and Government, I wrote this series to explore research on co-curricular practices influencing degree completion, career preparation, and well-being.

From Putting Off to Digging In: How to Beat Procrastination and Get to Work
From the Ground Up: Building a Sound Advising Relationship
Orienteering for Academics: Mapping Your Scholarly Community
Truing Your Wellness Wheel
How to Teach so Students Learn
Writing Better Together
Habits in Training: Six Tips for a New Year
Rest for Success
Avoiding the Scholarship Scam
Get a Life! (Connecting to Success)