Happy 100 Days: 17

It is only this: When the terrible thing happened, Tee and I reached out to each other several times during the endless afternoon to talk through how we would respond to Bug’s questions. When Tee picked up Bug after school, I called and spoke with my kiddo. They were at the supermarket and everything was a-OK.
Today, my phone rang while I was out having breakfast. Bug’s voice: “Mommy, can you send Daddy the advent calendar that’s on your computer?” I told them both where to find the website for it and learned that my kiddo was sick with a tummy bug. I asked if I could pick anything up. The request was made for Gatorade and seltzer. Thirty minutes later, I dropped by, delivered the fizzy drinks, hugged my kid, and sat on the bed inĀ  Tee’s room while Bug showed me the alpine village on the laptop.
Animosity is a whisper from the distant past.
We are co-parents. Our son is in our shared care. This small good thing is much bigger than I could have ever imagined.