Happy 100 Days: 78 (Coup D’Etat)

Bug: Who’s going to die first, you or me?

Mommy: Probably me, but not for a long time. I plan to live until I’m really, really old.

Bug: How old?

Mommy: Until after you have kids, and your kids have kids, and you’re a grandpa and I’m a great grandma. Then maybe I’ll live a little longer just for kicks.

Bug: My kids will be your grandkids?

Mommy: Yes, if you decide to have kids. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. Do you think you’d like to be a daddy someday?

Bug: If I’m not a daddy, will you have grandkids at all?

Mommy: Nope. You’re my only child. You’re my one shot.

Bug: So, I get to decide if you become a grandma?

Mommy: Looks that way. It’s all up to you.

Bug: So that means I have all the power.