Children, Happy Days

Happy 100 Days: 20

I can’t remember the last time a bedtime book made me giggle so hard I could barely get through it. Bug kept asking, “What? What’s funny?” When I tried to explain, I just laughed some more. Then he was laughing and he didn’t even know why. We romped and rolled through a summertime back yard with no idea we would spill out under the moonlit Yes. When I reached the end, I caught my breath and felt my throat clutch. Sweetness alive! Marla Frazee knows how to tell a story. This little book is a winner.
Best Week small

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever
, by Marla Frazee. Harcourt Books, 2008.

Sure, it’s been around since 2008 and you probably have already worn the cover thin from reading yours so many times. If you are like me and a little behind the curve on such things, then it’s time to track down a copy. Go share it with someone you want to make smile. There is a good chance that anyone who has ever had a grandma or grandpa will do exactly that.