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Happy 100 Days: 1

The trail splits. It bends to the left, arches to the right, and also continues straight. Where next? Choices, choices.   A shrug. A grin.   How about all of them?   We have plenty of time. We find the road, grimace, double back. We pass a playground. The narrow path is bluestone gravel wet… Continue reading Happy 100 Days: 1

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Happy 100 Days: 2

I stumble into the house, dump the groceries, take note of the dishes in the sink, and walk the dog. I tell myself, “After I fill her water bowl, I can relax.” I fill the water bowl. “As soon as I’ve put away the groceries, I can sit down.” I put away the groceries. “I’ll… Continue reading Happy 100 Days: 2

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Happy 100 Days: 3

The cake sticks to the pan and breaks into pieces as it lands on the plate. This means a trifle is in order. Having never made one, I look online. Recipes abound. It is only four hours until the party starts, so I skip the recipes and wing it with what I can scrounge from… Continue reading Happy 100 Days: 3

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Happy 100 Days: 4

It takes me six days to work my way up to looking at the gift. On the DVD, he has hand-written “Merry Christmas,” and “Love.” I know it is photos. I can’t bring myself to take it to Texas, so it is waiting for me under the tree when I return.   “Have you watched… Continue reading Happy 100 Days: 4

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Happy 100 Days: 6

As we round the second hour of opening gifts,¬† the 17 people crowded into the living room press on. The Christmas spirit will not be defeated. Neither will the commitment to go in turn around the circle, youngest to oldest, until every¬†wrapper has been ripped from its mooring.   “Wait, who gave you those earrings?… Continue reading Happy 100 Days: 6

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Happy 100 Days: 7

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, everything was exactly right. Everything, that is, except for one little burr under my saddle.   The cheese grits and cranberry sauce were prepped and ready for morning. Presents were heaped under the tree. Shrek on the TV was babysitting my kid while the grownups… Continue reading Happy 100 Days: 7

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Happy 100 Days: 8

The three grown sisters are in the kitchen attempting to make the cranberry sauce. “Where’s the zester?”   “Just use a grater.”   “Don’t give me ‘just.’”   “I don’t know how to work this food processor. Where do I put the stuff in?”   “Here, geez. Snap it like this.”   “But how do… Continue reading Happy 100 Days: 8

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Happy 100 Days: 9

In the midst of the comings and goings Angry Birds on the aunt’s iPad Great Gramma asking for the 13th time, “Did I feed the birds?” (Yes, Mother, we put seed out this this morning) Plans for ice skating foiled by the human gridlock at the mall Chips and margaritas at Tupy’s Hollering out headlines… Continue reading Happy 100 Days: 9

Family, Happy Days

Happy 100 Days: 10

In the hours before we leave for the airport, the erratic artillery fire of footsteps rattles the house. Four of us, up and down and in and out. We somehow manage to eat a full breakfast and pull off an early-morning pre-Christmas gift exchange in the midst of it all. Bug purchased surprise tchotchkes for… Continue reading Happy 100 Days: 10