2 thoughts on “Bridge”

  1. When you’re young, and in good health,
    you can imagine living in New York City,
    or Nepal, or in a tree beyond the moon,
    and who knows who you’ll marry: a millionaire,
    a monkey, a sea captain, a clown.

    But the best imaginers are the old and wounded,
    who swim through ever narrowing choices,
    dedicating their hearts to peace, a stray cat,
    a bowl of homemade vegetable soup,
    or red Mountain Ash berries in the snow.

    Imagine this: only one leg and lucky to have it,
    a jig-jagged jaunt with a cane along the shore,
    leaning on a walker to get from grocery to car,
    smoothing down the sidewalk on a magic moving chair,
    teaching every child you meet the true story

    of this sad, sweet, tragic, Fourth of July world.

    “Imagine This” by Freya Manfred

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