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Luna Moth

Numb is a verb
posing as a state.
It shelters a pupa
from the abrading throat
of daybreak. It allows a wing
to knit
into itself.
This is how to stop
while time
ticks on
until sensation returns
as it seems
it always

Photo credit: 6legs2many

3 thoughts on “Shelter”

  1. Sometimes I feel I have nothing in common with anyone.
    I shamble through the day, dragging my knuckles in the grass,
    and each new hour with each new person is a cliff I can’t climb —

    yet I know I’m alive now — inside a song as deep as forever,
    that stretches to the infinite future and the bottomless past,
    connecting every place I’ve lived or nearly died —

    and I shouldn’t worry so much about losing what’s most precious,
    my simian balance, shaggy fur, bold fleas,
    my plentiful fingers and opposable thumbs,

    and my curious, glowing, ape-like eyes that still shine
    with radiant chaos, wondrous animal calm,
    and so much love, for everyone.

    “Nothing in Common” by Freya Manfred

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