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79. Things I Can Rescue: Our Republic

Lawrence Lessig asks, “Do you have that love?”

Do you claim your urgent and aching love for this great democratic project? Do you turn towards what it can still be instead of what we’ve already lost?

Do you fight with everything you’ve got?

For their 2014-18 Congregational Study/Action Issue, the Unitarian Universalists have chosen Escalating Inequality:

Challenging extreme inequality is a moral imperative. The escalation of inequality undergirds so many injustices which our faith movement is committed to addressing: from economic injustice to mass incarceration; from migrant injustice to climate change; from sexual and gender injustice to attacks on voting rights.

In study groups and conversations, we learn root causes and undo myths, all with the aim of taking effective action.

Up the street from here is a UU church. Members of an Escalating Inequality group meet monthly to engage these hard questions and think together about how to reclaim what is precious to us, and what may ultimately be all that saves us: our voices, our power, our hope.

Our love.


4 thoughts on “79. Things I Can Rescue: Our Republic”

    1. One of the things that draws me to UU is that “the supernatural” is only one of many sources of possible meaning and guidance. As a person of reason, my first question was “Are atheists welcome?” Turns out we not only are we welcome, there is a thriving group of rationalists, humanists, and scientific determinists active in the congregation. Mix that with all the reading and service work and outdoor adventure going on, and it may be the least churchy church around.

      1. yes lovely cosmopolitan folks, Emerson was of the Over-Soul frame of mind tho, that said still one of the great don’t be ruled by worn-out habits talks/sermons.

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