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49. Things I Can Agitate: The Pool

She falls, cuts her knee, and sits there crying.
BEAR growl hibernate prowl tumble forage
AUTO FACTORY produce stamp mechanize assemble
TEACHER lecture bend inspire pause puzzle
HOCKEY slide crash score crack check snowplow
COBBLER sew patch measure mend revive polish
BUS DRIVER veer steer advise ignore wait brake
SPACE TRAVEL orbit signal capture float eject
FARMS sow harvest broadcast irrigate fertilize feed
STREETLIGHTS click change sway warn urge
CHILDBIRTH grunt grit bear howl count sob
TREES seed flower leaf reach shade house drink
CELL divide mutate form die attack congregate
OCEAN swell crest drown recede cool bash
HAIR snarl slip tangle curl droop spring bristle
STREETFIGHT slam split bleed bruise sneer resist
PRINTER ink roll letter align center correct
COW low ruminate gaze chew calve kneel
BUTCHER rend slice weigh package rip cleave
She tumbles and rips her knee on the bristling sidewalk. The blood captures her, and she droops there, lowing at the sky.

1 thought on “49. Things I Can Agitate: The Pool”

  1. that’s a lot to bear.

    In the subway late at night.
    Waiting for the downtown train
    at Forty-second Street.
    Walking back and forth
    on the platform.
    Too tired to give money.
    Staring at the magazine covers
    in the kiosk. Someone passes me
    from behind, wearing an orange vest
    and dragging a black hose.
    A car stops and the doors open.
    All the faces are plain.
    It makes me happy to be
    among these people
    who leave empty seats
    between each other.
    “Bamboo and a Bird” by Linda Gregg

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