Love, Poetry

Take your Place

Pick my nits and I will return
you to a place
in my nest
you may have to share

The breath of those who left
clings to dried silk, swathes
the mouths of half-born
twins curled and still
but not for anything we’ve given
the correct name

Eyes graze you through night
its curtain of sleep
snagged halfway between
up and under
as you enter the crowded
hearth I claim
is simply straw and bone

They stir awake and scowl
at the intrusion but do not
turn back
make yourself at home. They are in love
only with the illusion of peace.
by silence they
like me
prefer the throated
of your company.

2 thoughts on “Take your Place”

  1. hi! thanks for starting to follow my blog. i can tell by a brief look at yours that you’ve got a lot of talent (although it may sound presumptuous of me to say so). by the way, i’m trying to follow your blog too, but for some reason am unable to at the moment. i’ll try again soon. if all else fails, i’ll just be a regular visitor instead. in other words, i’ll follow thee with or without an apology from technology (as you can see, my career as a rapper didn’t last long).

    1. I appreciate your kind words and for giving rap a whirl. I enjoy reading your posts. The problem mention having with following SmirkPretty is a mystery. No one else has reported an issue but I’ll investigate nonetheless. Thanks for popping by!

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