Letting Go, Poetry

Self Swathing

At the bend where curb meets street,
leaf debris writhes as if trying to awaken
at long last
into sentience.
Alas, no such magic here. Instead, intention
or perhaps merely instinct
compels a worm hidden below
to travel without regard for freight
or sight. Under cover of dust and plum
blossom, mint-brushed helicopter pods
and the laced bottlebrushes
of a doll’s kitchen, she undulates
in her inexorable attempt at progress
towards some primal certainty
of open ground. Laden
with ornament, festooned
like a May queen in her azalea crown
and grass skirt, she twists back into the wall
of concrete, unable to climb. She cannot see
past the mantle she must bear
to retain her precious title.

These pretty burdens
we refuse to shed.
How they slow us down.
How our majesty rivets us
to corners.

2 thoughts on “Self Swathing”

  1. Thanks
    I appreciate reading about your earthworm as I lie wriggling or whrithing about in one of the many corners of my existence… Hoping that by staying in motion I will break free or get noticed by someone with the power and perception to lift or guide me to a place where I belong… The earth of worm… The being of human. I do so hope that your worm found its way!

  2. Keep moving, even blind, eh? I get that. I fear my little worm may have been swept away by the recent deluge. These things have a way of happening, especially when we have donned our fanciest images of ourselves.

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