Belle Starr, Jesse James

Amadeus, Arcadia, Belstar, Raab
Sorrento, Gypsy, Waltham 29

Never forget that there are as many varieties
of broccoli

Ardor, Affection, Passion, Regard
Sympathy, Fondness, Idolatry, Flame

as there are words
for love

Blue Wind, Baby, Diplomat, Dear

Perhaps you have only ever laid
your teeth into one repeating genetic strand,
twin upon twin upon
greening twin ad infinitum not to mention

Just because your palate has never known
this flower
in particular does not mean
bead rich stem
and root

every spring in some
fecund patch of earth
the flourishing
yes, you would barely believe.
The Amoroso.
The Purple Santee.

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